Welcome to Abuja Schools Association

Dear School Leaders,

We hope you are keeping safe under the circumstances.

Firstly, it is worthy to note with delight that In these unprecedented times, ASA Schools are offering online and virtual learning to keep their students engaged whilst the physical schools remain closed. Well done and keep up being transformative leaders!

As you are aware, ASA Leaders met as a result of the announcement by the FCT Administration suggesting private schools should not offer online facilities. After much deliberation, the resolution from this meeting was that a letter will be sent to the Ministry of Education expressing our concerns in relation to international ongoing deadlines and commitments.

This became necessary as it is imperative that Independent schools were able to fulfil their international requirements legally within the FCT.

We are pleased to announce that recently the Federal Ministry of Education publicly acknowledged that the Private schools could make those provisions officially by commencing 3rd Term online. This is definitely a step in the right direction as we await further directives.

As a body, we have also been encouraging updates on covid training and secured discounted fees for training and conferences available online and sharing these with partner schools.

We will continue to engage with the wider community by posting bulletins on our Social Media platforms, as we move towards resumption, providing key advice for school leaders to open in a safe and secure environment.

While we thank you for partnering with the Abuja Schools Association, we urge you to stay safe and stay positive.

Abuja Schools Association Secretariat