Abuja, Nigeria

Unlocking Excellence through Membership: Join Abuja Schools Association

Abuja Schools Association (ASA) stands as a beacon of professional learning, leadership support, effective governance, and school improvement for private schools in Abuja. With a dedication to empowering schools, nurturing child protection, and fostering student support, we are the premier association solely committed to transforming international schools in Abuja.

Unlocking potentials

By becoming a member, you open the door to a world of collaboration, innovation, and collective progress.

As a member, your institution gains access to our extensive range of benefits, including exclusive professional development opportunities, leadership support, and invaluable insights to enhance effective governance. With a strong focus on school improvement, we assist in honing your school’s potential, ensuring a holistic learning experience for every student.


Join Abuja Schools Association today, and together, let’s unlock excellence in education across Abuja.

Please Note:

Click here to see the list of our Member Schools for the 2022/2023 Academic Session.