Abuja, Nigeria

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School Leaders Hangout (March 2024)

Abuja Schools Association School Leaders Hangout (March 2024 Edition)

On Saturday, 23rd March 2024, the Abuja Schools Association hosted a gathering of leaders from prominent schools in Abuja. Sponsored by industry leaders such as Edves, Nile University, Wowbii, and Craydel, the event focused on the potential of collaboration and the importance of self-care in educational leadership roles. The Power of Collaboration: Collaboration emerged as […]

School Medics

Empowering Educators: Unveiling the Power of Student-Centered Learning and Differentiation

Introduction In the field of education, the focus has shifted from traditional teacher-led instruction to student-centred learning approaches. This paradigm shift not only recognises the diverse needs and abilities of students but also empowers educators to tailor their teaching methods to meet these individualised requirements. At the heart of this approach lies differentiation – a […]


How to Stay Positive During COVID-19 by Cassie Carstens

During an interview recently with a 10-year-old student, I was struck by the optimism and perspective of a young girl. When she was asked what meaning COVID 19 has brought to her family. She answered with the wisdom of an elderly as follows: “That we, as a family, have realized the value of our family […]