About Us

Abuja Schools Association is a young inclusive association which promotes collaboration between schools. At its core, is the inherent belief that when we join forces, each member is strengthened.

ASA started with a group of School Heads who would regularly meet each week. From their meetings together, a deep commitment to supporting excellence through partnership was born. Often, credible associations are neither based in Abuja nor do they satisfy the peculiar needs of this region. The pioneers set to work by converting  their idea into a legal entity. The association was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in 2017.

ASA’s open and welcoming stance swiftly gained momentum amongst reputable schools in Abuja. As a result, it has grown from strength to strength.  ASA is a representative group that seeks to embrace all schools that align with its vision.



The vision of ASA is to develop and optimize education through quality leadership in Abuja Schools.



The mission of ASA is to:

  • Lay down a structure in which Abuja Schools can operate orderly amongst each other.

  • Set a professional standard for ethical norms and values

  • Improve the quality of education through proper competitions, training and global networking

  • Establish professional cohesion amongst Abuja Schools.

  • Operate closely and in collaboration within the framework of the law.

  • Create opportunities for all round Educational Training.



Many Minds – One Heartbeat